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Imbolc Blessings & Happy Brigid's Day

Imbolc Blessings &
Happy Brigid's Day!!

Tis the first marker that Spring is on it's way!!

We are officially in the halfway mark now between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox!

I don't know about you, but I have already seen some signs the Spring is on the way!! We have bees buzzing in our tree outside, I've seen a few butterflies fluttering about and even a few buttercup flowers (as I like to call them) sprouting up in my backyard!

So... if your not familiar with Imbolc, I will tell you all about it here and how you can celebrate as the wheel continues to turn!


Falls on the 1st of February. This holiday has been observed by the Irish & Scottish for centuries! This is one of the 4 Gaelic festivals (Imbloc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain.)

For the Christians in Ireland they celebrate St. Brigid's Day.

Sadly, a lot of these classic traditions have been forgotten or died out in our around the 20th century. This is the holiday celebrated as the days begin to grow longer and the 1st signs of Spring have sprung! For me, this is a time I enjoy celebrating as the wheel turns another notch!

Goddess Brigid...

The Goddess of Fire known for her healing powers, She is the celebrated Pagan Goddess that later Christians renamed as St. Brigid. Often referred to as "The Triple Goddess".

Brigid is a Gaelic goddess known as the fertility Goddess thus being connected to Spring and the new life being hatched. She represents the light half of the year, bringing people out of the dark previous months of Winter. During Imbolc, Brigid would visit peoples homes and would bestow blessings upon them as well as their crops. People would make a bed for Brigid and leave her food & drinks. They often times would also leave clothing outside the home for her to bless as well. Brigid is one who would protect homes and the livestock. This was a time where special festivities includes feasts were had by all!! It also became a time for divination.

How to Celebrate...

This is a time for food and celebration. It's time to light candles, enjoy a bonfire with family and friends and practice your divination.

The fire is all about purification, which is an important part of the festival. The lighting of the candles is symbolic of the Sun increasing in power, staying up longer and growing warmer!

So.. how can we celebrate it... here are some ways!

1. Make a Brigid Cross:

Traditionally made during Imbolc, the Brigid Cross were often hung on doors, over windows, beds or barns to welcome Brigid in for her blessings and protection. These crosses were left until the following Imbolc.

2. Spring Cleaning:

Out with the old and in with the new is the theme during this time of year! If we allow ourselves to get rid of the things that no longer serve us.... it will allow us space for the new things we desire or need in our life!

3. Fire Celebration:

Time to light a candle or make a bonfire to celebrate the return of the longer days of the Sun! Not only does it represent that, but it is also in honor of the Fire Goddess Brigid. Enjoy roasting marshmallow over the fire or make some food to share with friends and family!

4. Garden:

As Spring is upon us, it's the best time to gather seeds, soil and pots to start planing new plants, herbs, etc.'s a great time to tend to your garden. Pull the weeds and get it ready to bloom!

5. Make a Brigid Doll:

As the Pagan tradition goes.... on candelmass (Imbolc/St. Brigid Day) it was custom to make Brigid dolls and place them into little beds next to the fireplace. We do this to welcome light and fortune to the home as the year continues onward!

6. Make A Wand:

After Brigid's visit a white wand typically made of birch was left on the bed of the homes she visited. This was the wand that she used to make the vegetation grow yet again.

Take a walk and find a stick that you feel would make the puurrfect wand. Decorate it with crystals, flowers, paint, anything that calls to you.

I made Wands from some wood I collected in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.... they are for sale in my store! Take a peek!!

7. Crystal Chakra Balancing:

Get feeling your best... destress, relax yourself and get ready to manifest so amazing things this Spring with a Crystal Chakra Balancing!

This will allow you to have your mind, body, and spirit in alignment as we move forward in the year. By taking this time for Self Love you will notice things will flow to you more easily! You can always book an appointment with me!! As "The Crystal Healing Gypsy"...I come to YOU! Book Today!

No matter how you decide to celebrate, take some time to thank the Universe for allowing you to inhabit here!

I'm wishing you the most refreshing Imbolc yet!! Sending blessings of fruition your way and may the Goddess Brigid shine down upon you with much protection and abundance in your life!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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