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Mineral MoonDay~Pink Amethyst

Welcome to my 1st ever Post for Mineral MoonDay!!!

Each Month there will be a featured Mineral that I will discuss.

I will go into great detail as to how this loving Crystal can assist you, and so much more!!

Onward to the 1st Ever

Mineral MoonDay!!!
Awwww Pink Amethyst!!

The Moment I laid eyes on you it was honestly love at 1st sight!! Something about you intrigued me!

I feel so grateful and blessed to have gotten the opportunity recently to own a lovely Pink Amethyst that I call "Pinkie Pie".

Pinkie Pie has been an amazing assistant in the love department!! Talk about a bubble of love encasing you... wow!! That is exactly how I felt when I meditated with her for the 1st time. She had so much information to share as well, so I will pass along the information she shared with me in this blog today, along with more information about this lovely Crystal!

Don't judge the outside... it's the inside that truly counts...

Picture yourself... walking out in the Argentina desert and stumbling across this mass. From the outside, it looks like a chunk of concrete...nothing special. But.. it's when we take the time to look deeper inside, that is where we find the magick.

Just like's the inside (our Spirit) that matters most, not the outside package in which our Spiritual vessel drives.

The inside of Pink Amethyst is a lovely shade of pink that varies in colors from bright pink to pale pink to even a lilac color.

My Pink Amethyst has a tiny bit of Calcite within it's Matrix.

My Pinkie Pie- Pink Amethyst from Argentina

Pink Amethyst is something that has recently been discovered about 5 years ago (2013) , but it didn't gain popularity until 2018 when it started popping up at the Gem Show in Tucson, Arizona. It's a more rare Crystal and not as easy to come by.

It is formed where there is intense heat and some moisture. They develop along cracks and linings deep in the crust of our Mama Earth. They form as hexagonal prisms, which are six sided triangles. I love triangles!

Oh that Pink Color!!

These Pink Amethyst are naturally rosy quartz geodes. They are NOT dyed! This is how they are in all their natural glory! If it was dyed, you would be able to tell. Have you ever been to a place like the Homegoods Stores?? They usually have Agates there that are dyed. You can tell because the outside of the Crystal/Geode, will also take on the hew of the dye.

As you saw in the 1st picture, the outside of the Pink Amethyst, it doesn't show up as Pink...confirming that this Crystal is indeed naturally occurring in nature!

It gets that pink color from the inclusions of hematite and traces of iron inside the quartz points. Regular Amethyst does NOT have hematite inclusions.

My Big Beauty Amethyst from Uruguay

Where are They From?

Pink Amethyst babies come all the way from Patagonia, Argentina from the Choique Mine.

This mine also mines Silver and Gold located in Neuquen Province, Argentina to be exact.

As it stands right now, this is the only location that Pink Amethyst has been found!

Choique Mine in Argentina

After being analyzed by the California Institute of Technology... George R. Rossman stated:

"Purplish pink Amethystine Quartz additionally colored by microscopic Hematite particles. They are not Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz as classically defined."

Another bit of confusion is people thinking they are Rose Quartz....however, they are not!

Rose Quartz do NOT grow in the point formations you see in the geodes.

It usually grow in chunk like formations.

Rose Quartz gets it's coloring from inclusions of Manganese, Titanium and different minerals than Pink Amethyst make up it's coloring.

My Raw Rose Quartz

How Can Pink Amethyst Benefit Our Life?

As there is not all that much information about Pink Amethyst out there, I decided to go to the source.... yep, I meditated with my Pinkie Pie to find out exactly what her mission was coming during this time.

I would love to share with you my very personal mediation where I was able to gather this information to share with you!

Meditating with your Crystals is an amazing way to connect with them and find out exactly how they can work with you and assist you.

Here is the information I was given by my Pink Amethyst during my Meditation...


Pink Amethyst (Pinkie Pie) Speaking:

"I'm here to help you with lots of self love. I'm here to bring you confidence and love exactly who you are right here, right now. I'm here to help increase your intuition and to help the people who work with me open their minds. Open their minds to a different possibility to more positive outcome to life. I'm here to heal the heart on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level. I'm also here to help heal the blood within the body and circulation. I'm here to help open your mind to new knowledge in this life. And to help you connect more spiritually with the spiritual realm. I do like the name Pinkie Pie. I'm here to help people blossom into their full potential on this planet. To spread more positive energy. Bring a sense of peace and happiness and love to all. Heart and Mind connected. To bring about positivity in this world."

I feel so lucky and blessed to have this lovely Pink Amethyst in my life. If you ever get a chance to work with this it!! When I mediated with her, I felt this pulsing and warmth within my hand the whole time. I also felt this almost like... pink bubble surrounding me. It was the most peaceful and beatiful feeling. Thank you Pinkie Pie for coming into my life.

Sending You...

Light, Loves, & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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