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Magickal Crystal Wands

Most people have heard of Wands. Harry Potter had one, Gandalf the Wizard too, and many other Witches!! Cinderella's God Mother had a Wand, and so did Glenda the Good Witch. From Witches to Wizards it's something that is a must as you hone your craft.

You might have thought it was all Hollywood make believe... but it's not!!

Wands are something that can help assist us in amazing ways! That is what this blog is all about!! Get ready to learn more about Wands and how they can benefit your life!

What is a Wand???

Wands can be made of many things. Most usually made of a long rod or stick. It can be made of different materials too...Wood, Cooper, Metals, Crystals!! Traditionally speaking, wands were made of wood.

What is it's Purpose???

Often time referred to as a Magic or Magick Wand... Wands have the ability to direct and channel energy. A Wand is an extension of your own personal power! There are so many uses for Wands, let's discover some more!

  • Directing Energy

  • Channeling Energy

  • Healing

  • Unblocking Energy

  • Casting a Circle of Protection

  • Spell Work

  • Crystal Gridding Work

  • Anything Else You can Conjure Up

I have a special Clear Quartz Crystal Wand that I use in my healing sessions/Crystal Chakra Balancing. It has the amazing ability to heal... I've seen it's healing powers and experienced myself and heal others with it as well!!

It's an amazing tool to have and I enjoy tapping into that energy and ability! If you deiced to use yours for healing, you will want to cleanse and recharge it immediately following use.

I've been known to use it to cast circles of protection as well. You don't need a Wand to do that... you can honestly just use your finger, but I feel the Wand adds an extra layer of power & protection to it all I do.

Another way I'm able to work with my Wand is when I do Crystal Grid work!! Just recently I taught a class all about Crystal Grids... In order to activate your grid, you must have a Wand, or a Clear Quartz Point. It's the most powerful way to "turn on" your Grid!

Crystal Grid
How to Use Your Wand...

After you have programmed your wand, and your ready to use it...there are just a few more steps you will need to take before getting underway.

Wake Up Your Hand Charkas

Best way is to rub them together, side to side & up and down. This will wake them up and let them know your ready to use them! Next imagine a glowing ball of white light and positive energy between your hands. Feel it's energy and warmth, you may also feel a tingling in your hands... that's normal. Now close your palms together in "prayer pose" to assimilate this new woke energy.

Set Your Intention

Most important thing to remember is you must be Crystal Clear with your intentions while working with your Wand. So, make sure before you pick it up you know exactly what it is you want it to assist you with.

Hold Your Wand

It's time now to hold your Wand, hold in your dominate hand and begin use.

Rule of 3

Always only work with your Wand for the highest good of all! Never use it towards ill will to another! Remember the rule of 3, whatever energy you put out into the it positive or negative will come back to you 3 fold.

Where Can I Find a Wand???

Luckily for you... I've got you covered!!!

I have a collection of Magickal Crystal Wands ready to fly on out to your location today and in your Magickal hands!!

All my wands are hand made by me with light and love!!

Each of them have a Clear Quartz Point on the top because as I always tell my students/client "Where the Point Goes, Energy Flows!"

Each of my Wands are very unique and different and not 2 are alike...just like you!!

I have wrapped my Crystals in Cooper wire to enhance it's energy, as Cooper has an amazing way to conduct energy!

Each of my rods were hand selected by me and totally made in nature!! Found high above the Sierra Nevada Mountains....each one is extra special and not two are alike!

All my Wands come with instructions on how to program them to you! Once your Wand is programmed, only YOU should touch it and no one else!! This is very important!!

Are you ready to Heal yourself & Others and make some Magick Happen?? Order online!

Check out my collection for sale!!

If you have any other questions... please feel free to comment below or get in touch with me!!

Wishing you a MoonTastic Day and one full of Magick!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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