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Solar Eclipse/Raise Your Vibration

Solar Eclipse
Raise Your Vibration

Wow!! What a sight to have seen!!

The Total Solar Eclipse aka "The Great American Eclipse" took place on 8/21/17.

This was the last official Eclipse to take place in 2017.

For me here in Southern California it was a partial Eclipse. My family & I geared up with my Hubbies Welding lenses, and for added protection our sunglasses and off to the backyard we went!!

The Sun was so intense !! You can probably see that from the picture of us above! It was piercingly bright and the heat hitting my skin was much warmer than normal!

We started our watch at 9:06 am. As we watched, I noticed the shift in energy. For me, it was a very strong and Intense energetic feeling that is hard to explain. I even cried a few times!!! Don't ask, it just happened as I was watching the Eclipse.

As Lady Luna started to move even more in front of the Sun, it was magickal to witness this event! My Daughter who loves photography, took this opportunity to journal this experience!

It was so neat as Luna swallowed up the Sun, the temperature dropped significantly!! It began to look very stormy like outside. All of a sudden that piercing burn from the Sun turned into a cool sensation.

During this time, I felt it would be in my Crystal babies best Intrest to soak up some of this Lunar/Solar Eclipse Energy!! As intense of a feeling I was experiencing, I knew they would have a boost of regeneration now!

I felt called to put out some Quartz and Crystals that resonated with the Solar Plexus... Tigers Eye, Citrine, Sunstone, Amber.


Eclipse always come in pairs. This is the 2nd of the Eclipse as we had a Partial Lunar Eclipse happen on Monday, August 7th, 2017. This last time around the Lunar Eclipse came 1st, and as it goes... 2 weeks later is the next Eclipse....which leads us to this Solar Eclipse we had on Monday August 21st. This time a very strong energy will be present! With the perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth... this brings an extra energy punch into the mix on the 21st. The Moon's energy will be stronger than normal because it will be closer to Earth! Since this is a Solar Eclipse this time around... it gives the stage more to Luna and thus making her energy amplified during this time. With that being said, our New Moon energy will help move along our intentions we set on the 21st with even more power than normal! The next Eclipse will be coming on January 31st, 2018.

Here is a list of upcoming Eclipses....

ECLIPSES in 2018

Jan. 31st, 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse

Feb. 15th, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse

July 13th, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse

July 27th, 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse

Aug.11th, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse


After we had our time here in California. We hopped on the news (which I normally don't watch) and tuned in to see the Total Eclipse that was happening in other parts of the US. It brought me such happiness, to see everyone come together in peace, happiness, and harmony!! Everyone was smiling and enjoying this time out under the elements.

Some people where sharing their special glasses with Others who didn't have any. This is the kind of world I want to live in!!

The kind that everyone is happy and in harmony!! It is possible!! With all the negative news that's constantly on, it was nice to see and remind people that religion, color of skin, or the way you look or who you love just doesn't matter!!! We are all here on our life's journey... and the happier and more positive we can be the better and more of fulfilling our life will become!

It starts with 1 person!! I always try to be that 1 person who says Hi, pays compliments and smiles at people and helps others!!

Try to be that person too and we can make a difference!! The things we put out... we will receive back in!

Now, I noticed on social media some people said things like.... "who cares about the Eclipse!!" It doesn't affect me!!"

So not true!

It affected you,you might not have have noticed it right off.... but it did.

As we were watching this amazing event go down, I tuned into NASA,s Live feed too. They were giving all kind of information on how this was affecting us! One thing in particular that stood out to me, was they said that the electromagnetic fields would be changed for a few minutes during the eclipse.

QUOTE: “We may even see global-scale effects,” Phil Erickson said. “Earth’s magnetic field is like a wire that connects two different hemispheres together. Whenever electrical variations happen in one hemisphere, they show up in the other.” NASA.GOV

I found this to be quite interesting and I have a story to share about this exact thing... this will explain why it DID in deed affect you too!


So I have a job as an Office Manager and we have a clock in the corner of our building. One day the clock stopped working! Being that I have a very handy-man of a Hubby, I asked him if he'd take a look at it? He took the clock to our house where he ended up replacing all the guts... all the mechanisms that makes that bad boy work! He kept it here at our house for a week to make sure it kept time, and that it did!!

He took it back to my work, hung it back in it's corner of the building and all was well, for a Few days! Yep... only a FEW DAYS! It stopped keeping time, again!! My Hubby was baffled!! How the hell could this be? It worked just fine at my house for a week... no problems. He came back down to my work to try and figure out why this could have happened? He took it down, put it in our car to take it home... and the fucker started telling time again!! This BLEW our MINDS!! How the FUCK is this happening? In my car it works, but not inside the building??

I mentioned that I noticed earlier that week we had Edison out near our building running new power lines for the new homes they are building next door. He said, that HAS to be IT! It's the Electromagnetic field!! It's being fucked up by that!! It's the ONLY thing that makes logical sense! Damn!!

He got the clock home, again... reset the time... but this time covered the entire inside of the clock with aluminum foil! He said this will keep it shielded from the field in that area of the building! Again, we kept it at our house for over a week.... kept time like a charm!

Back to work again... Guess what!? He was RIGHT! The aluminum foil did the trick! It kept time with no problems for 5 months, until about month ago! Here we go again! It stopped at a certain time and has stayed there. He hasn't had a chance to get down to my work to fix it this time around.

After hearing about the Eclipse and the affect on the electromagnetic field my Hubby was curious, as was I... if anything changed with the time at work on that stinker of a clock?

I told him I would certainly check it out when I got to work later that day. Sure as Shit... the clocks hands moved 5 mins. It has sat at the same exact time of 10:30 for months now.... but during the Solar Eclipse, on that exact day it now reads 10:35.


So...there you have it! The Eclipse DID affect you whether you know it or not! Everyone is different so it might not have affected you as it did me, but still.

Another thing I take away from this clock story is that what ever the highest energetic vibration is closest in our energetic field we are attracted to and pick up on. Just like Crystals... they vibrate at a high energetic field therefore helping us as it raises our vibration and keeps us stable. This clock was doing the same exact thing! It was attracted (and still is apparently) to the highest energetic vibration surrounding it, which is causing it to stay in the same position with the hands... not able to move!

I decided to make this a life lesson as well! Whatever your around you attract! Whatever your attitude, positive or negative you attract and bring into your existence... whether you like it or not... it's the Law of Attraction and it's happening all the time!

So what can we do?

We can choose to Vibrate Higher!!

If we vibrate higher the things that don't match our frequency will either be raised up, or drop out of our existence. You are a magnet and you get to chose what you attract. If your always depressed, or negative take a look around your life... figure out what it is, or who it is you need to remove yourself from to become the better version of YOU!

Here are some ideas on how you can raise your Vibration. This is a small list, as there are so many more ways to raise your Vibration as well!

10 Ways to Vibrate Higher:

1. Be Positive, Say Positive Affirmations

2. Be Happy

3. Be Grateful

6. Be Kind to Others

7. Be aware of your Thoughts (what you say, think, & feel you create)

9. Practice Yoga/exercise

10. Listen To Music You Love

I hope this enlighten you today!! I know the energy for me this week has been amazing!! The things that I wished for on my last New Moon is swiftly manifesting in my life! It's super exciting and I'm looking forward to continuing to share more with you soon!

Tell me how the Solar Eclipse affected you? How will you Vibrate Higher Next Week? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy your upcoming week and remember to put your attention on that of which you'd like to experience in your existence!! You have that power! Make it happen!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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