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Crystal Care

As I talked about in my previous post... crystals have the amazing ability to help us achieve balance in our life, over come dis-ease, and help up on a spiritual level as well!

From time to time, Crystals need to be cleaned and charged again for them to continue to proper work and help you.

This is a very important step!! With out doing this, you can start having your lovely crystal friend stop working altogether!

I like to explain it like this to my crystal healing clients:

Think of the crystal as a bucket! Just like a bucket, it can only hold so much water before it's full and doesn't do it's job properly of holding the water! Well.. Crystals are the same way!!


Here is an example, I have a client who I'm working with who has anxiety issues. I gave her a Blue Laced Agate to help cope with this. The crystal was doing an amazing job, and in fact... the times my client forgot to take the Blue Laced along with her, she would suffer from sever panic attacks! The Blue Laced was doing it's job bootifully of keeping her anxiety and panic attacks in check, until recently! I checked in with my client and sent her some info on how to properly cleanse and recharge her crystals. I asked if she had to chance to do it and she said No! Turns out, this little crystal friend was FULL (just like that bucket) !! It had no more room to absorb the anxiety from her any more. In fact, she had it with her one day and in the area she carries it, it left a burn mark on her!! Not an indentation... a burn mark!

Now I know this sounds scary, but this just goes to show how important it is to cleanse and recharge these lovely crystal friends if you want to continue to use them! The reason it left that burn mark on her, was because it was basically rejecting working with her!! It was saying: "Hey Lady, I'm all full up!! I have no more room to help you!" Just like us, they need a bath to wash off debris.

I decided to take the Blue Laced home to get it back in working order for my client! Now here is where it gets interesting!!

When I got this little guy back, it was heavy and didn't look quite right!! This is something I have noticed happens with crystals I've used when they are used a lot. They tend to get heavy when they need a cleaning and recharge!

So... here I am, in my Ego mind saying... Ok... 1st I'm going to Sage, then a Sun Bath... but NOPE.. The Blue Laced had other plans in mind!

I hadn't even made it home with the crystal and it was screaming at me.... BURY ME!! I need to be reborn!!

Well, how the fuck can I ignore that!?! It was loud and clear and that crystal was serious!! It's funny how we know what we need to do...and we start analyzing and figuring out what we need to do next, but sometimes... our crystal friends have other Plans in mind!

If we are willing to listen, we will hear what the crystals are in need of!

So, I did exactly that!! I buried the Blue Laced in my backyard... did a nice little ceremony & meditation for it, asking it to please clear it's self of it's low vibrations and to allow it to be born again ready to continue to work for my client.

I should also note: As I was working with this crystal... knowing it was in need of this process so dearly, I made sure to protect myself with some Black Obsidian on me during this process!

24 hours later, it was time to dig up the lovely Blue Laced friend! It was amazing!! It felt so light weight... and it looked better than ever! I could tell it was ready to start anew! I wasn't done yet, It was calling for more attention... so again I listened! A nice washing under running water, and then I smudged it with sage and now off to a nice warm sun bathe! Finally, Back to working order!!

I felt it was important to share this story! I want to share the ways you can cleanse and recharge your crystals if your ever working with them! Below I will explain exactly that!

As always, if you ever have any questions... please feel free to reach out to me via email or social media and I will always answer your questions!!


There are many methods on how to cleanse and recharge crystals, you don't need to do all of these methods to one crystal... do what calls to you. If it's a crystal your using like all the time, then you'll want to cleanse it more often than not. Use your intuition, you will know when this needs to be done!


1. SMUDGE: I prefer to smudge mine, you can use Sage or Palo Santo, even incense will do the trick. Start burning which ever you choose, blow it out. Pass your crystals through the smoke and as your doing this say: “I remove any low or negative vibrations from my crystal.” As you do this, it will allow your crystal to be cleansed of these things stated.

2. Water : **NOTE… NOT ALL CRYSTALS CAN BE PUT IN WATER!!** (If your not sure if your crystal is safe for water, contact me!) Another way to cleanse your crystals is by turning on some running water from your sink and hold your crystal under the stream of water and just as stated above say: “I remove any low or negative vibrations from my crystal.”

3. BURY: If it's really in need of a HUGE cleanse or needs a rebirth, then find a place in your backyard where you can bury your crystal. Make sure you remember where you did this so you can find it again! Place it in the ground and cover it with dirt. Take a few minutes to mediate and thank the crystal for all it's hard work and ask it to please remove the low vibrations now so it can be reborn ready to work again. Leave it in the ground buried for 24 hours, then dig it up the next day.


1. MOON: I use Luna the most to charge my crystals! Best time to do this would be on a full or new moon. Simply cleanse as said above, then place outside during the night. Leave them out all night long and collect them in the morning.

2. SUN: **NOTE…CRYSTALS ARE MAGNIFIERS AND HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO CATCH SURROUNDING THINGS A-BLAZE, BEWARE!** One way to charge your crystals is with the power of the sun. After you cleanse them, put them outside in the sunlight for at least a few hours or longer. NOTE: Not all crystals are good to go out in the sun for example, Amethyst, will fade with time! If your not sure… contact me!


That’s it!! Your Crystals are cleansed, charged and ready to help you once again! Make sure as your doing these things you ask your crystals to keep their programmed intensions and Thank the Universe, Sun, Luna and the Crystal Devas for allowing you to have this crystal in your life.

Hope this helps everyone!! Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions!

As Always...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

***Bridget M. Shoup***

As a reminder... My Disclaimer:

***Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make energy healing part of a complete health care program.***

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