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I've Officially Come Out... Of the "Broom Closet" That Is!

My Favorite Plaque w/ my Lovely Crystal Friends

It's a true story... I'm officially OUT and it feels so good to come out of the "Broom Closet" as they call it!

I've always knew I had special gifts growing up, I remember as a kid wishing I had the power to wiggle my nose like Samantha and make things happen!!

Samantha was by far one of my favorite Witches I wished to be!! As I didn't have that special gift of wiggling my nose to make things happen, I knew I had other gifts instead. As a kid growing up, your told to go with the pack to keep swimming with the school of fish. In "my time" when I wasn't "going with the flow" I would imagine and dream of the day my powers would manifest themselves.

Fast forward to 19 years old when I was able to move out of my parent's house and got married to the love of my life, and best friends Jared! Now I was able to be ME!! As time went on, I got to decide how I wanted to be... if I even wanted to swim with the pack anymore or not!

I decided not to, and that has been the way I have lived my life ever since.

During that time, I noticed my gift of telepathy (didn't know it was called that at the time) was growing! It was crazy growing fast and people around me even took notice to it! I could think of a person... someone I hadn't seen in months or even years... have had no contact with (especially back then, the internet was a new thing no Facebook, IG, or even Myspace quite yet...shit I'm sounding old!) and they would pop back up into my life! Either I'd get a phone call, a letter in the mail, or the person would just walk back into my life and I'd run into them somewhere.

Moving onward to more current times, I decided to really hone in on my telepathy skills and researched how to do that, plus during this time (May 2016) I had a 2nd visitation dream and it was in May 2016.....when I had this 2nd dream that I started to research what the heck was going on!! I came to find that working with crystals could raise your vibration and help you hone your gifts! I was all in!! I was excited for these new visitation dreams to happen as it was an experience unlike any other!

With the help of my super supportive and loving Hubby, we started looking for metaphysical shops in the area!! We found one, I bought a handful of crystals... and the rest as they say is history!

Honestly though, that is when I decided it was my time.... to figure out ME! To really dig deep and discover things about me I didn't know...

and off I went on a new journey of self-discovery. Along the way as I built up my knowledge I started to identify myself as a Solitary Eclectic Witch!

So what is a Solitary Eclectic Witch??

Well... let me break it down for you...

Solitary: I work alone or in a small group. When I'm practicing my "craft" if you will. I don't belong to a coven, I work alone.

Eclectic: Taking ideas and different traditions, from a variety of sources and ultiizes them. I practice different types of Witch craft and have come up with a combination that feels right to me!

Witch: A person, who taps into their own powers... Who is self aware and uses their vibrational energy to make Magick happen!

Magick: Making change in ones life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of surrounding elements to make things happen. Not as in Magic like pulling a rabbit out of a hat... Magick!

So What do I believe in???

I'm sure that's the next question on your mind, so I'll tell you about it... I believe in divine energy, I believe we all have vibrational energy. We can choose to work with our vibrational energy and increase it to better ourselves and our surroudings. I have a very open and positive mind and know that what you think, is what you'll get! I have the ability to connect with spirit guides and use this gift wisely.

I follow the rule of "Harm None", as well as "The 4Rules":

Live, Love, Learn, Enjoy. I don't Judge, I don't belong to any certain religion. I don't Sacrifice living things, I don't worship Satan...infact, I don't believe in God or Satan. I believe everyone is responsible for their own actions and that karma will take care of us all...whether good or bad. I believe what ever you send out into the Universe will come right back at you 3-fold, so think before you do!

I'm connected to Nature... Earth, Fire, Water, Air and work with each of them! I worship and work with Luna and her powers.

Being a Witch is all about being spatially aware. I channel energy to heal myself and others, among many other things. Anyone can be a Witch and bring forth their Magick!! It's all about Learning, Practice and Working with your inner energies. As a Good Witch, I work with positive energy and light! I use the Universe, Luna, Sun and the Elements as my tool to manifest things into my life.

All and all... you get to choose in this life who and what you are. I think that as long as you are a good person, who helps others and does good... then that's all that matters! Sure we all have our ebb days, where we might be moody, but that's the flow of the Universe! We have to have the Ebb to enjoy the Flow! We work with and through the Ebbs and currant and continue forward shining brightly!

Find what makes YOU Happy!! Be who YOU are!! Everyone deserves happiness no matter if your a super religious person, or a Witch like me! Whatever it is.. hone it, express it, share it, and help yourself and others along your journey!

I for one Love Finally being able to say...


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