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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has changed my life as well as my family and friends!! It's amazing to me that there are still so many people who don't know the magick that crystals possess! I for one have enjoyed working with crystals and will continue to do so for as long as I'm alive on this earth!! I have stories for days on how it's improved my life and my families.. I will share some below!

Visiting the worlds's Largest Sphere Quartz in Las Vegas, NV

Crystals have always been apart of my life! I had no idea all the magickal things they could do though!! I feel like these crystals have been there... just waiting for me to grow and develop so that I could learn to utilize them!

I started working with crystals as a way to enhance my gifts and to connect to my spirit guides! I started to learn of their amazing abilities in May 2016.

When I saw how much they can do... I was inspired to learn more and become certified in working with crystals!! Crystals is actually what lead me to want to become a CMP (Certified Metaphysical Practitioner)! It's always been a dream of mine to help others... I would have never thought it would have been in this way, but honestly... I would have it no other way, I couldn't picture my life any different!

So...August 2016, I found the school to make my dreams come true!! I enrolled in MoonDaughter Mystic School and my journey was underway!

I official received my Certified Crystal Mystic Seal on January 18th, 2017!!


I was having issues with my elbow!! This pain was something that came out of nowhere.. who knows maybe it's an age thing! No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to stop hurting! It was an aching pain inside my elbow if that make sense! I knew my Clear Crystal Quartz would help me and sure enough it did!! All I did was held it on my sore spot and within minutes I felt better!! The pain would come back as I would do household tasks, etc... but I would just hold it on the area again... and just like like, no more pain. I've been doing this now for a few months and it went all the way away!! I haven't had any more issues with my elbow!!

My Daughter's Chrysocolla

My Daughter suffers from Crohn's disease (diagnosed in 2008), she had been doing great with no flare ups until a few months back (July 2016). We went to her physician and he of course put her on some nasty meds (prednisone). As it helped her a bit... she was having some nasty side effects from the pills, this included night sweats, swelling in her face and her face was red all the time! After a month of being on the pills and seeing her go through these side effects, I told her I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I can get you working with crystals to help you with this Crohn's stuff! She stayed off the pills and I got her a Chrysocolla Crystal to work with! Chrysocolla is an excellent crystal for Crohn's! I told her when she has the intestinal cramps, just put it on the area that hurts! Within minutes no more cramping!

She's been using her Chrysocolla as well as some homeopathic supplements of (Turmeric and Boswellia) and has been pain-free/symptom-free since! She now carries her Chrysocolla with her always and even when she's at school will bust that sucker out and put it where it hurts!!

Like I said, I have stories for days.. these are just a few!

So..What is Crystal Healing??

Let me explain to you how I like to explain to my clients and friends and family what Crystal healing is!!

Crystal healing is a form of energy healing. Basically if you break it down, the reason why you would want crystal healing is to help your energetic body! Think of it like this... when your teeth hurt you pay a visit to the dentist. When your back or neck hurts you go see your Chiropractor for an adjustment, just as when your physically ill you see a physician. Well when your energetic body is not vibrating as it should... you see a Crystal Healer (That's Me!!)

What is an Energetic Body?

We are each made up of layers of vibrating energy, each has it's own vibration and purpose. Our energetic layers or subtle bodies (meaning the various layers of vibrating energy we each have) create an interconnected field of energy that surrounds the physical body... you might have heard of this being called the auric field.

Each subtle body connects to the physical body via an energy point or chakra... the chakra directs the energy into the physical body.

So how can using Crystals help heal you??

As humans, we are mostly made up of water (adults about 65%) , with this being said we vibrate at a lower level. From time to time we can become unbalanced and this will effect our stability emotionally, physically and energetically.

Crystals on the other hand vibrate at a very high level! Introducing crystals into your life will help you get more balanced and help heal you! When you start working with crystals... they go though was is known as an entrainment period... or how I like to call it "Syncing Up" to you! Just like a friend, the friendship doesn't happen over night... it takes time to build it and share with your friend and with time you become the perfect match you can rely on!!

When this friendship happens with crystals... it can help us vibrate at the higher level as well as fix our issue/aliments whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Your body will start to mimic the perfect harmony and balance found within that crystal.

Each crystal has a different benefits you can get out of it. Just like prescription drugs, these crystals can help you heal yourself. You have to be ready to heal yourself though. You must have an open and positive mind while working with crystals! Just like a bottle of pills, if it's sitting on the counter and you never take them... they will do nothing for you!! Same with crystals you need to work with them in a positive way and use them to get the full benefits out of them!

There are many ways to heal yourself using crystals...

1. Crystals on you/near you

2. Crystal Elixirs

3. Chakra Balancing with Crystals

4. Crystal Gridding

and there are many many ways to utilize their power!!


As a Certified Crystal Healer, I have learned how to program crystals to benefit and work with you!

When your ready to try a new way of approaching healing with no side effects, whether it be your health (physically) , happiness (emotionally) and spiritually ... then please CONTACT ME!

I offer Crystals healing, Chakra balancing, and I also offer products to help you as well!

Check out my ETSY site to view Bridget's Brew Tune-Up Potions!!

Bridget M. Shoup ~Certified Crystal Healer Contact me:

As a reminder... My Disclaimer:

***Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make energy healing part of a complete health care program.***


"Bridget M. Shoup is AWESOME. She helped me heal my hip pain using crystals & essential oils... and gave me some practical direction with a very interesting/insightful Tarot Card reading! But today tops it ALL:

In less than 24 hours after hearing the news of my daughter's broken leg, Bridget appeared at my house ready & excited to help with her healing process! (It's like she was "sent" to us, lol.) She was fun, light, encouraging and kind to my daughter... and left her with confidence, courage and peace of mind. That's a lot for anyone, but especially for a rather fearful/nervous 7 year old! Bridget truly cares about people & helping them in whatever way she can. She is passionate about her work and is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Do you need help with something in your life? Go see her!!!

Thank you, Bridget... 💕"

Feb. 28th, 2017

Mari G. ~ Claremont, CA

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