Notice Time Flying? Here's Why... Universal Shifts: 3D vs 4D Reality!

Have you ever heard the saying "Time Flies when your having fun"!? Well... I believe that to be true!

Notice lately that time seem to be speeding up??

I don't know about you...but I feel like we barely flip the calendar, and we are on to the next month!

There is a reason for all of this... and it's not just something that's happening to only me! I know others are feeling this too, as it's a topic that comes up in daily conversation lately. That's why I decided to share what I have learned to enlighten others!

So what's going on??

We are going through a Universal Shift in Reality! Currently we are on the verge of going from a 3rd Dimension reality (3D) to a 4 Dimension reality (4D) (5D is here too), many people have already transitioned there.

But what the heck does that even mean???

Read on to learn more!!

To understand what is going on, we need to 1st understand the difference between 3D, 4D & 5D reality!

Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness....

Let's Compare :

  • 3D Feelings= Lack, Victim, Sadness, Fear.

  • 4D Feelings=Following your Passion, Excitement, Love, Bliss, Intuition Strong, All about Vibrations.

  • 5D Feelings=We are one, Connectedness w/others, No such thing as good/bad, Spiritually Connected, Compassion for life, Unconditional Love.

We are constantly going back and forth between these 3 different states of consciousness. But, once we achieve the 5D, we usually never degrade ourselves back to the 3D reality!


You might have heard of this being called "Ascension". This is correct, we are ascending to our Souls highest capacity! Some people think that an Ascension is something that removes a person from say this Earth (like a select few) but that's not it.

Ascension is the process of waking up to our Souls calling and living our best life! We won't be leaving anyone "behind" per say. What will happen though is you will notice as you "ascend"/"become enlightened"/"awaken" won't want to be around people or situations that aren't in the dimension in which you vibrate.

Like attracts the people who are in the current dimension you are in, will surround you, so that is what Ascension is.

I want to focus more on just 3D & 4D in this blog. So let's dive even deeper, shall we!?

3D Reality...

I want to talk 1st about 3D reality. We are currently in transition from 3D to a 4D reality. 4D reality is already here, it exists and people are already tapping into it. But, how can you know or even begin to experience it?? By learning the difference between the 2 realities so you can adjust or move onward with the collective consciousness (if you choose of course).

3D Reality...

As I mentioned about 3D reality has a lot to do with feeling lack, begin the "victim", sadness and fear.

A lot of people in 3D believe that things are "happening to them" for example... "the government did this to us!" etc. Or you might be more concerned about what others are saying about you.

Here is the thing... if you keep pulling the victim card, you'll continue to vibrate in that reality, thus creating more and more of it! If you believe that things are happening "to you", the Universe will align in just a way that it will be your reality! That's the way it works!

It's call the Law of Attraction!

In a 3D world there is duality. For example: Left/Right, Good/Bad, Up/Down. There are lots of opposites and people tend to be fixated on them... like politics..."that person is a democrat/republican." These things seem to get people in 3D all caught up and so much so that it causes contention, as a person living in a 3D reality only feels they are right and doesn't see both sides.

It's very ego centered and are more in your own head. 3D reality has an emphases on our senses. Taste, Touch, See... because of that people focused in the 3D reality, leads them to only focus on the physical aspects of themselves, or who they think they are.

3 things that will keep you stuck in 3D Reality:

  1. Gossip: we are all connected, so there is an aspect of you within the person your talking about. Keep that in mind!

  2. News/Music: what are your feeding yourself? Food isn't the only things we consume. The things we watch & listen to affects us deeper than you know, be mindful of what you feed your energetic body!

  3. Anger: find space in your heart to forgive yourself & others for situations or challenges that might have come your way. Take it as a learning experience...for now you know what you prefer instead.

Living in a 3D reality you are living more in the past and future, than in the current present time. This happens usually due to being on autopilot. Doing the same things, day in and day out. Almost turning your mind into one of a Zombie so to speak! You continue to do what you did in your past b/c that is where your focus is. Which in turn, you continue to have the same experiences over and over again! Boring!!

It's time to WAKE UP!!!

Your life is amazing, and you can make your dreams your reality!

Life is a form of a dream. When you understand how the dream works, then you can shift and play in that dream. This is where your true power lies.

This is when you realize the Law of the Universe....that you create your reality. Like attracts Like, and whatever you decide to focus on will expand into your reality!

We are these massively strong magnets... whatever we think, we attract!!

Now, this can be good or bad, that is up to you. It's your dream! Once you realize this, you will only want to have the best of "dreams" and attract with your strong magnet the things you truly want to make you happy and live your best life!

Weather we know it or not, our thoughts do create our reality. The cool thing is how fun it is when you finally get this! You start to shift, you start to see that things aren't happening "to you", things are happening "for you"!! This is when you move into a 4D state of mind!!

4D Reality...

4D reality is here now, it already exists... the planet is going through this shift right now! We are shifting out of 3D mindset and into 4D. As you become aware of all these things.. you will start to see things breaking down. Things like old government systems that didn't work, politics, etc.

4D is a higher level of vibration allowing you to create your reality!

4D is all about what you're passionate about, things that bring you excitement, joy and love. Being in the 4D is when you realize that life is a form of dream. It's moldable, and flexible and you can shape it however you wish.

You notice that life is a reflection, that everything you put out, comes out and reflects right back at you. You will notice that you are more than your physical senses!!

This life time is temporary! In fact, we are all living a temporary human experience. We truly are Immortal Spiritual Beings, that have had and will continue to have multiple life times! We get the amazing opportunites to incarnate into many spectacular things!! We choose... human, plant, animal, alien. It's al our choice!

This brings a higher vibration to our bodies when we realize this!

Be Present!

Being in the 4D reality is realizing that we need to be focused in the moment. That what is right now matters, not the past & not the future. Be Present!

The present moment offerers you a way to create positive change in your life!

When we focus too much in the past/future, or both like the old 3D ways... our energy gets scattered & too spread out. We can't have the energy we need. But being present allows for our energy to just be in the now, allowing us to be the powerful creators we are!

It's about being in a flow like state, and doing what truly makes your Soul sing!

Thus, making time fly by!


when we are enjoying ourselves we are at a higher vibration.

When you do what you love (painting, drawing, music, etc) time will appear to go by fast, that's because your in the present moment!!

Welcome to 4D!!

Things happen FOR US!

Sometimes we have challenging situations that come up. But, we can decide what do with it, and that is what matters. How are we going to act or react in this moment of challenge, right now. How we transform the meaning we give it is what matters most here and that is the true power!

When you realize all this, you start to notice that your emotions play a huge roll in your reality! Your emotions are your vibrational nerves in your energetic body and this is your power!! You will begin to focus more on your vibration, which will allow you not to have to work as hard to achieve your dreams, wishes, and goals. You will be able to accomplish a whole lot more too, and still have energy doing it!

It's all about Vibration!

Focus on the vibration of what you want to experience. Remember like attracts like. You want a fun-filled, adventurous life... focus your attention there... how would it feel, how fun it would be... and then just like magick... it will be!

Your reality is more flexible here in the 4D reality, it's lighter and more have way more wiggle room than you've been taught in the 3D world we came from.

Continue to focus your energy and be more present and that is the key!

4D is an empowering level for choice!

You become more aware of what you want in a 4D world, so you can choose it! In the old 3D ways, it was all about action and more about Ego.

Now here in 4D you can experience who you really are, which is a high vibrational creator Spiritual Being!

While your in 4D you are going to start to see massive shifts within yourself. You will start to see signs, symbols, synchronicites as a little nod and wink from the Universe. Letting you know that your on the right path. That you are in the right place at the right time, allowing you to manifest at such speed & with such ease you won't even believe it! Why? Because your vibration is higher!! You are who you choose to be in the present moment!

You might notice that things you once enjoyed (certain music, food, activities, alcohol, the news, politics, tv shows, movies, etc) are just not your cup of tea any more! In fact, you will notice your diet changing and lots of other habit as well. You will start to notice that you pay more attention to what you put into your body, and the energy you want surrounding your body. Believe me, it happened to me too!! You're not alone.

Try playing in the 4D world!!

To play...think of something completely random (rainbow, unicorn, ball, alligator, feather).

Start your day off with thinking of this item, but don't just think about it.... visualize it! What does it look like, feel like, smell like. The more clear you can get on this item, the better.

Now watch!

As you go through your day, pay attention! Be present! You will start to get it in your reality! You might see a billboard with that item, hear a conversation about the time, find that item, see that item on tv.

That my friend is called creating your reality! How cool and fun is that! If you can do it will a silly little item, think of how amazing it will be as you continue to play with this new knowledge and start to actually manifest real amazing things you want!

It's happened to me too! That's why I'm sharing! I have stories for days of how working with the Universe and of course Lady Luna has brought me some amazing things.

Of course, you have to do your part too.

You can't just think about it and poof it's here. You need to stay in a high vibration!

What ever you can do to keep you happy, excited and full of joy and love... this is when it comes to you. It's not your job to figure out the "how", you just have to stay positive and in that high vibration and the Universe will provide it for you, it has to...that's the law!

So have fun creating!

Taking your Dreams and turning them into Reality!

What reality do you choose?

3D or 4D??

Either way, the collective is shifting into 4D... plus it's way more fun! Manifesting more is an amazing side affect!

Remember the key is to focus on the present moment, stay in a high vibration by doing what you love, be positive and kind and you will get such amazing things coming your way!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

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