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New Moon in Scorpio ~ Nov. 7th, 2018

Astrological Sign: Scropio

Sign Element: Water

Planet: Pluto

Moon Age: 0.1 Days

Visibility: 0.0%

Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden

Wheel of the Year: Samhain

Well Hello MoonLights and welcome to another
New Moon!!

This time in the sign of Scorpio !!

Tis the 1st New Moon since the Wheel has turned to Samhain! Hope you all enjoyed sometime recalling past loved ones this Samhain.

I know that for me, the last New Moon lead to some amazing manifesting!! Hope yours did too!! Last month you joined me in my Live Guided New Moon Ritual, one of the things I asked for was to be able to spread the word and reach more people about the services and things I offer to enhance their life and assist others!

I was able to do just that at a super special event!! It was a NAMI Fundraising event that I was able to donate one of my services to for their raffle. I was also connecting with some pretty awesome Souls to share information!!

We ending up raising $500 for the organization that night... not too shabby huh??

I feel so lucky to have manifested this and to be able to assist others with my donation of my services!

Thank you Universe and Luna for your Magical assistance! A super special Thanks going out to my Lovely Daughter & Side Kick Kelsey for all her help setting up, etc. To my Hubby Jared for prepping us for the event & also Nichole for sharing your black table cloth!!

Working with these energies are super powerful and amazing...something you won't understand till you do it and give it a try!!

What are you waiting for??

If you are ever feeling like you need a little Moon Guidance....feel free to reach out as I do offer that as a service for you!

Let's talk all about this Moon's energy and how it will affect you!

What to Expect When the New Moon is in Scorpio....

Get ready to feel a bit more emotional and sensitive when the Moon is in Scorpio! Mood swings are also a thing you are likely to experience today. Don't get swept away by irritability or wanting to change something immediately! All good things come in Devine time! People tend to become more conscious of others as well as yourself, when doing that...if any of the not so appealing things that Scorpio Moon might bring don't suite you...beware of this a adjust it! Tonight will be a good night to be introspective, doing a little self improvement or self analysis.

One awesome way to do this is by Meditating! Check out my section on my site here with all my Guided Meditations and try one tonight! It's time to bring the shadows into the light...let those shadow sides as they rear their ugly head to come forward and then figure out how to "kill the beast". By doing this, you will move forward in this life with more peace and ease. When we improve ourselves, so will the world around us!

People Born When the Moon is in Scorpio...

You will most certainly be feeling the above effects a lot!! Sometimes you tend to be hyper, and rapidly change your emotions, mood swings are something that happen more for you than others. You are one who expresses your emotional more openly in order to stay balanced. So, don't hold back...however be mindful of how you come across and think before you react! Being a pessimist is something that is natural for you, just remember...whatever you believe, you will see. Weather it be good or draw into your reality what it is you put out, so keep that in mind! You are one who, on the flip side has the ability for self improvement. Knowing these less appealing sides will help you adjust your reacting as you move through situations in life.

Wishing you another amazing night of Manifesting some Magickal Shit!!

Make it happen!!

Take the time...tap into the energies and elements surrounding you!! That is how true Magick happens!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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