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Bridget's Brew Presents... "Lunar Love" Bath Potion

I thought it would be nice to highlight a few of my products and give you more information about them!! Here is the 1st one I'm sharing more info with you today!!

I absolutely love to help people on their lives journey, I feel that everyone deserves a happy and healthy life! I designed Bridget's Brew with that in mind. Every once in a while, we need to take some time for Self Love and we need to give ourselves a "Tune-Up". I made Tune-Up Potions to help enhance your life and this one is no exception!!

Bridget's Brew Proudly Presents....


"Lunar Love" Bath Potion is a Bath Salt infused with Essential oils. It has a lovely layer of Lavender buds as well as an Enchanted Rose Quartz Crystal.

Each one of my products are joined with an Enchanted Crystal to match the intention that I set for each product.

As a Certified Crystal Healer, I have selected the best crystal for my product to match the vibration of what I'm trying to achieve. I bless each one with my Magick!

The Essential oil blend I put together is done under the intent to give you a Tune-Up! I take your health very seriously, and therefore did my studies in this field and have become a Certified Aromatherapist. The blend choice for this product is Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Lavender.


As your health is my highest concern, I must state that... If you are pregnant, nursing or plan on becoming pregnant, please do not use this product as Spearmint can decrease your milk production and could cause issues during pregnancy.

***Disclaimer:Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. The above herbal information does not constitute medical advice and should not be misinterpreted as such. Individual results may vary. If your pregnant, in your 1st trimester, or trying to get pregnant, or nursing...avoid the use of Essential Oils!***

All my products are 100% all natural, and are handmade with my Magick and Love, just for you.

I bless each one with Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs!

So... if you had a long day, and your muscles are tired and you need to unwind... Take a bath with my "Lunar Love" Bath Potion and you'll be ready to end your night just right!

This makes the purrrfect gift for someone who has it all!!

Looking forward to helping you get a Tune-Up... with my "Lunar Love" Bath Potion.


Just in time for Mum's Day and Graduation... not sure what to get them??? Shop Bridget's Brew!!

From: May 7th, 2017- May 14th, 2017... get 10% off your entire order when you use the Coupon Code:


Feel free to share the love and pass this information on to a friend. You can always share this on social media as well!! I would super appreciate it!

Happy Shopping!!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP, RM, CCH, CA

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