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Bridget's Brew SHOP

Tune-Up Potions

Bridget's Brew Presents Tune-Up Potions!

Bridget's Brew is an Etsy shop where you can give yourself a "Tune-Up".


Just like a car, our bodies are a machine that are in need of a tune-up from time to time. To keep our bodies working at 100% we need to treat ourselves to a Tune-Up.... and my Tune-Up Potions will do just the trick!

My Tune-Up Potions are made up of an essential oil mix that is safe for your skin. These roll on potions are infused with the Magick of Bridget. Each bottle has Enchanted Crystals to help you achieve the Tune-Up your in need of!

Whether it be ...

~"Poof Be Gone"  (Cleanse Your Space)

~"Calm Diggy-Diggy" Tune-Up (Calm)

~"Feeling Swell" Tune-Up (Sore Muscles)

~"Sleep Tight, MoonLight" Potion Pillow (For Sleep) 

~"Lunar Love" Bath Potion (to Relieve & Relax) 


Bridget M. Shoup is a CCH (Certified Crystal Healer) also a  CA

(Certified Aromatherapist).

All her are handmade and are 100% Natural.

Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. The above herbal information does not constitute medical advice and should not be misinterpreted as such. Individual results may vary. If your pregnant, in your 1st trimester, or trying to get pregnant, or nursing...avoid the use of Essential Oils!

Do NOT INGEST essential oils! 

Herbal Disclaimer: 

Please use herbs with caution!! 

Some herbs can interact with medications you are currently taking! 

There, it's importatnt to do your homework and make sure that before you start using any hbers, that you double check to insure the safety for your current situation. 

Feel free to consult with your doctor before starting any of these herbs if you have concerns. 

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Brew Shop

Tune-Up Potions
to Enhance Your Life

Bridget's Brew Shop: Products

Bridget's Brew: Tea

Teas to help heal 

Time to heal yourself with the power of plant medicine! 

3 options available: 

"Chill Time Tea" relaxation, peace & stress relief 

"Tummy Tea" digestion, bloating & intestinal discomfort 

"Clari-Tea" clear mind & boost memory 

Order online or in person 


"Mini Moon Potions"

Manifestation & Release Potions

This set of Mini Moon Potions comes with "Wish It Be" New Moon Potion & "Set Free" Full Moon Potion. 
Use during your New/Full Moon Rituals. Each bottle is 1oz. and will last you quite a long time (you don't need much, a little bit goes a long way!)

They both come with a spell as well!  Enhance your Moon Ritual work now! 


"SleepTight, MoonLight"

Sleepy Potion

"SleepTight, MoonLight" Sleepy Potion 
Trouble getting to sleep at night?  

My Sleepy Potion will have you Sleeping Tight!! 

This Brew is a combination of Lavender, Cedarwood, Vanilla and Jasmine Essential Oils. Other ingredients: Witch Hazel, Vodka, Spring Water.  

Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystal to assist you calm your mind, and enjoy a night of peaceful sleep! 

It also comes with the “Sleep Tight, MoonLight” Spell written by Bridget, Just for you!  

"SleepTight, MoonLight"

"Magickal Smudging Fan"

Cleansing Made Faster

This Smudging Fan is made just for you!!  

Each Fan was made with loving care and each come with Enchanted Crystals attached to enhance your Smudging practice. Just like You, each fan is different & no 2 are alike! 

To use your Smudging Fan... Simply reach for your favorite method of Smudge (Sage/Palo Santo). 
Once it's burning, hold in one hand...and with Smudging Fan in the other, fan the smoke in the direction in which you'd like to cleanse.  
This is especially beneficial if you have lots of Crystals in your home/space and would like to cleanse them all at once. 

Order online today and start making your Smudging process quicker, easier and more efficient. 

Smudging Fan

"Jade Facial Rollers"

To Give Love To Your Face!

This hand held Jade Facial Roller will leave you feeling refreshed! 
2 sided, big side for face & neck and small side for nose, eyes and lips. 

Benefits of Jade rolling:
~Boost circulation 
~Reduces under eye swelling 
~Eliminates inflammation and puffiness 
~Smooths out fine lines & wrinkles 
~Drains lymphatic system 
~Brightens complexion & tightens pores. 
~Stimulates collagen & improves elasticity. 

Make it part of your morning ritual! You will see a huge improvement! $16 each Contact me to order! 

Jade Facial Roller

"Magickal Crystal Wands"

To Make Magick Happen!

The Crystal Quartz Point at the top
will ensure that you can direction the energy you wish!  
Quartz is known as the Master Healer and can intensify, 
remove and direct energy, Use it wisely! Just like You, each wand is different & no 2 are alike! 

Each Wand comes with instructions on how to program them before use. 

You can use your wand to...
Activate Crystal Grids,  
Heal yourself or others, 
Activate your chakra points, 
Use in spell work, 
Cast circles of protection 
and so much more!

Order online today and start making some magick happen for yourself! 

Magickal Crystal Wands

"Feeling Swell" Tune Up Potion

For Pain & Swelling

So you over did it huh? 

It happens to the best of us!  This Tune-Up Potion will do just the trick to relax your muscles and relive the swelling.

Just roll on & rub into the affected area and within minutes…poof the pain & swelling will be gone! 

This brew is a combination of  Wintergreen, Clove & Vetiver  

 Essential Oils with a Base of Sweet Almond Oil. 

 Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Smokey Quartz Crystal that will help enhance these intentions. Smokey Quartz will also relieve your pain and allow you to heal quickly. Order Today! 

Feeling Swell 1.jpg

"Namaste Spray"

Meditation Potion

Get your mind & body relaxed and ready to Meditate with my “Namaste Spray”! 

This is the perfect tool for someone who is starting just their Meditation practice, or for the avid Meditator. Just give this 2 oz. spray bottle a shake & spraying it in the air over your Crown Chakra (top of head). Let the “Namaste Spray” sprinkle down on you, helping you get you centered. 
Next, recite My “Namaste Spray” Spell (included) .

This brew is a combination of Pachouli , Orange , & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. Other ingredients include: Witch Hazel, Vodka, Spring Water. 

Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystal that will assist you in clearing your mind, helps you stay focus & connects you to your Spiritual side .

Namaste Spray4.JPG

"Crystal Healing Fur Baby Charm"

Heal your Pets

Crystal Healing isn't just for us humans! 
Now you can share the love and magick of Crystals with your Fur Babies too! 

Select from these options: 
~"Peace Out" (Amethyst & Blue Tiger's Eye) = PURPLE 
Helps bring peace & calm to your pet, helpful for separation anxiety... with a sprinkle of protection. 

~"Endless Love" (Rose Quartz & Blue Tiger's Eye) = PINK 
Cooperation and unconditional love, as well as encourages kindness... with a dash of protection. 

Order one for your Fur Baby Today! 

~"Crystal Clear" (Clear Quartz & Blue Tiger's Eye) = CLEAR
Concentration, Speeds up healing process, great for older animals... with a pinch of protection. 



Vanishing Spray

This Special Smudging Spray will make any negative or low vibrating energy "Poof-Be-Gone!" 
It's the perfect item for someone who is sensitive to the traditional smoke smudging. 
You can use this 4oz. spray to smudge your home, car, work space, crystals and more!! What ever negative vibes you need to vanish from your life, this potion spray has you covered! Plus, it smells great! 

This brew is a combination of Palo Santo, Lavender, Clary Sage & Grapefruit Essential oils. Each comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystal. Order Today! 



Menstrual Cramp Relief

Period got you in a crampy mood?? Then this is the Potion for you! Cramp.Less will come to rescue and put those nasty cramps to rest!! Just drop a small amount into your hands and rub into the area of cramp! 
Instantly you will be Cramp.Less! 

This brew is a combination of Clary Sage, Lavender and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils in a Sweet Almond Oil Base.  Each dropper bottle comes with an Enchanted Amethyst Crystal. Order Today! 


"Well-Grounded" Tune-Up Potion

To Balance & Ground

Feeling off balance? Not feeling Grounded? Then this is the potion for you!  

“Well-Grounded” will bring that balance & grounding back into your life. This potion will relieve any fears & helps with depression. Also will allow harmony to happen within your Mind, Body & Spirit. 

This brew is a combination of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Ginger & Grapefruit Essential oils along with a base of Sweet Almond Oil.  

Each bottle comes with an Enchanted SmokyQuartz Crystal Chip.


"Calm Diggy-Diggy" Tune-Up Potion

To Help Keep You Calm

We all have days were we need a breather, a reminder to stay calm this Tune-Up Potion is sure to do the trick! This 5ml. roll on is the purrrfect fix in your pocket or purse when your on the go. It's a lovely blend of Lavender and Vanilla Essential oils will put you at ease!  Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Amethyst Crystal. Give YourSelf a Tune-Up Today!

Calm Diggy-diggy .jpg

"Pink Passion"

Love Potion

Put some Passion back into your life!  
With my "Pink Passion" Love Potion you will be able to learn to love yourself & others unconditionally.  Will help encourage self-love. By doing this, it will allow you to attract the Lover you desire! This Love Potion is a combination of Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Frankincense and Vanilla essential oils, with a base of Sweet Almond oil.  Each comes with an Enchanted Rose Quartz chip. Find Love in your life, Purchase today! 

Pink Passion w_Logo .JPG

"Hocus Focus" Tune-Up Potion

To Focus Your Mind

Are you a Student?  Learning something New at School or Work?  This is the Potion for you!  It will help focus your mind while your learning! This 10 ml. roll on is easy for on the go! This invigorating blend of Vetiver, Ginger, Camphor, and Bergamot essential oils are definitely going to help you focus and retain what your learning! Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystals.  Make learning a breeze with my "Hocus Focus" !

Hocus Focus Potion .JPG

"Pep In Your Step" Tune-Up Potion

For Energy

From time to time we need a little extra boost to make it though our day... my "Pep In Your Step" Tune-Up Potion will give you some pep!! This 5ml. roll on is the purrrfect fix in your pocket or purse when your on the go!  It's lovely blend of Peppermint, Orange and Rosemary will help give that burst of  energy to finish out your day! Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Carnelian Crystal.  Give Yourself a Tune-Up Today!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 10.50.35 AM.png

"Lunar Love" Bath Potion

To Relieve & Relax You

Time to Relieve & Relax your tired muscles after a long day.  My "Lunar Love" Bath Potion will do just the trick.  This Bath Salt contains: Epson Salt, Sea Salt, Essential Oils, & Lavender buds.  Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Rose Quartz Crystal. Purchase Yours today!

Lunar Love Bath Potion 1 .jpg

B*MoonStruck: Magickal Crystal Neckalces 

Aligning Mind, Body & Soul 

Each Crystal has it's own special Magick to help us navigate life with more ease! 
By wearing these amazing Crystals they will be able to influence your energetic field allowing healing to take place. Helping you achieve balance within your Mind, Body, Soul. 

Different styles and options to choose from.  
Make sure to indicate which Crystal you want went placing the order. 

$20 each  Order Yours Today! 


"Set Free" Full Moon Potion

Release Potion

This Release Potion is made to remove the things in your life that no longer serves you. Use this potion along with Luna's Full Moon power to manifest these things. 
"Set Free" is intended to use with your Full Moon rituals. After you have released what no longer serves you, apply a small amount in your palms and rub together! You have now removed any left over low vibrational energy that lingered during your ritual.This brew is a combination of Lavender, Lemon and Frankincense Essential oils along with a base of Sweet Almond Oil. Each comes with 3 Enchanted Carnelian Crystals. Let go of the non-serving things to make space for the positive things to come! Order Yours Today! 

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