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New Moon in Pisces~Feb. 23rd, 2020

Astrological Sign: Pisces Sign Element: Water Planet: Neptune Expect: Loving, caring, shy ,helpful, creative, understanding of others. Watch Out For: Self pity, dependent, losing touch w/reality, depressive. Moon Age: 0.2 Days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden Wheel of the Year: Imbolc/Ostara (March 21st) Other Energies: Mercury in Retrograde (2/17 - 3/10) Crystal Suggestions: Bloodstone/Blue Laced Agate/Jade Happy New Moon in Pisces Dear MoonLights!! We are bringing Feb. to a close here real soon!! Time is a flying!! February has been a super amazing month for me!! A few exciting things happened... one, my Book ("Crystal Clear Enlightenment") officially published!! And..

Mercury in Retrograde... 1st Retrograde of the Year!

Mercury in Retrograde begins Feb. 17th- March 10th, 2020 ! Check it out... it's the 1st Retrograde of 2020... and it just so happens to be ..Mercury! Mercury In Retrograde... Have you heard that before??? Wondered what the heck it means??? I will cover all that and more here!!! MERCURY GOES INTO RETROGRADE: February 17th - March 10th, 2020 This is the 1st Mercury in Retrograde for 2020... Mercury going into retrograde simply means that Mercury moves in the opposite direction to us here on Earth. Normally planets move from East to West around the Sun, but when Mercury goes retrograde it goes opposite of that, from West to East thus being in Retrograde. Some people might say it's going backwa

Full Moon in Leo~ Feb. 8th, 2020

Astrological Sign: Leo Sign Element: Fire Planet: Sun Expect: Friendliness, kindness, generosity, courage, honestly, loyalty, good mood. Watch Out for: Stubbornness, taking undue credit, coldhearted when hurt. Moon Age: 14.1 Days Visibility: 99.4% Phase: Full Moon/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name : Snow Moon/Sage Moon/Hunger Moon Wheel of the Year: Imbloc Other Energies: None Crystal Suggestions: Golden Tiger's Eye & Onyx Happy Full Moon Dear MoonLights!! We have now arrived to the love month of February!! As we move through this month.... remember that loving YOURSELF is very important!! We are incharge of our own true happiness, and the only way we can be in a good place is by taking the time

Why not... "Let Go & Flow"

Feeling a bit stuck, depressed, not creative?? Then you need to come to my Sound Bath "Let Go & Flow"!! It will balance your Sacral Charka.





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