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New Moon in Scorpio~October 27th, 2019

Astrological Sign: Scorpio Sign Element: Water Planet: Pluto Moon Age: 28.7 Visibility: 0.8% Phase: New/Maiden Wheel of the Year:Mabon (Coming Soon: Samhain 10/31) Crystal Suggestions: Labradorite & Malachite Other Energies:Uranus in Retrograde till 1/1 (Coming Soon: Mercury 10/31) Happy New Moon in Scorpio Dear MoonLights!! Can you believe this month is already coming to a close??? Time is flyin'! Tonight is the best night to cultivate the things you'd like to grow in your life!! What do you want to bring into your physical existence?? New Moon is purrrrfect for planting those seeds of intention! Working with the Lunar energy and the Universe you are able to create and bring so many amazin





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