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Happy New Moon in Virgo~Aug. 30th, 2019

New Moon in Virgo Astrological Sign: Virgo Sign Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Moon Age: 0.3 Days Visibility: 0.1 % Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden Wheel of the Year: Lughnasadh (8/1) Other Energies: Pluto till 10/3, Saturn till 9/18, Uranus till 1/1 in Retrograde Crystal Suggestions: Amethyst & Chrysocolla Happy New Moon MoonLights!! Who is ready for a night of planting seeds of intentions??? I'm excited to start with a new month ahead with new intentions to manifest! What dream, wishes and goals do you have? Make sure you take some time tonight to do some ritual work!! It's amazing how fast you can manifest with the assistance of Lady Luna and the Universe! I have been busy editing my bo

Mineral MoonDay~Celestite

Happy Mineral MoonDay to you!!! This Months Mineral is the soothing and lovely Celestite! Seeing Celestite for me was love at 1st sight!! I mean who could pass up this lovely lady!! I have had my sweet Celestite now for over 2 years and let me say, when I 1st brought her home I felt her calm, realxing energy! I always felt so protected by the Spirit realm with her! My Sweet Celestite wanted to have her turn to talk to you today and share her message about the reasons why she is here to assist us! Before we hear from her in my Crystal Channelling below, let's 1st learn a bit more of her background. Celestite is also known as Celestine Celestite is a very high frequency Crystal that is conn

Lughnasadh Loves To You!

Happy Lughnasadh To You!! This year is speeding towards the tail end very soon!! I have had an amazing year up to this point and I hope the same for you!! For me, it's been a year of big growth Spiritually!! I added to my knowledge to offer you even more value during your Crystal Healing Session!! I did my studies and become a Crystal Reiki Master!! That made a HUGE shift in my life!! I can't even begin to explain all the amazingness that acommpined that! I also really tapped into the Herbal realm of things this year, more so than before! I had taken courses a year or so ago... but this year was the year to really dig deeper to find herbs to assist my family, self and others! I was lucky e





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