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Hello Dear MoonLights!! Well as most of you know, it's my life's passion to help reach and assist as many people as I can life a happy, healthier life!! I work with Crystals as my allies, and I love to share their amazing messages and ways they are here to assist us! I was lucky enough to have an interview about what I do as "The Crystal Healing Gypsy" with "The Crooked Spine Show". The original interview happened last year!! Check my past post here: Post 1 Post 2 Thank you Dr. Anthony Ratkovic for taking the time to get the word out there of other holistic ways to heal yourself!! If your looking for a super incredible Chiropractor.... meet Dr. Ratkovic at Euclid Chiropractic in Upland, Ca!

You are Invited...Salt Oasis Event!

It's Self-Love Time... Come enjoy the Enchanted Salt Cave at the Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga! I will Guide you in a Magickal Meditation, followed by Sound Healing!! Brought to you by: Bridget M. Shoup, CMP "The Crystal Healing Gypsy" Sunday April 7th, 2019 12:00-1:00 PM LOCATION: Salt Oasis 11940 E. Foothill Blvd. Suite 111 Rancho Cucamonga, CA $40/per person Must Register & Pay In Advance Online! Limited to 11 people... don't wait to sign up!! Please Arrive @11:30 AM !!! Everyone must sign a waiver before entry to the Salt Cave! Please come wearing comfy clothing! Optional: You can bring a blanket, pillow or yoga mat if you'd like. BENEFITS OF HIMALAYAN SALT CAVE You will be surrounded b

Super Full Moon in Libra~March 20th, 2019

Astrological Sign: Libra Sign Element: Water Planet: Venus Moon Age: 14.7 Visibility: 100.0% Phase: Full/Mother Season/Moon Name: Storm, Worm, Seed Moon Wheel of the Year: Ostara (Mar. 21) Crystal Suggestions: Lepidolite, Rose Quartz Other Energies: Mercury In Retrograde Happy Full Moon Dear MoonLights!! The Last Full Moon of Winter !! Can you believe that!! Today is one full of lots of different energies going on!! Tis the last day of Imbloc and the Eve of Ostara!! Spring Equinox officially starts March 20th! So...not only do we have the Full Moon Energy, but also the seasonal shift happening as well....but wait, there's more!! We are still in the mists of Mercury in Reotgrade... but that

Blessed Ostara/Happy Spring Equinox!!!

Spring Equinox is on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 2:58 PM PST. Trees are getting their leaves back, the birds are chirping in delight… this means one thing is certain… Spring Equinox is upon us! I was lucky enough to get to watch the lovely Painted Lady Butterflies migrate on 3/5/19 & got to see them again on 3/13/19!! It was amazing to see all these little fluttering friends make their way Northwest, where they will find a mate, lay eggs and transition to their next life. Pay attention to the little things in life and don't for get to look UP! Have you noticed your energies have been off lately? I know I have!! It’s b/c Spring is upon us and the energy is shifting. I know I’ve felt the s

6 Signs It's Time to Cleanse Your Energy!!!

6 Signs It's Time to Cleanse Your Energy!!! The Energetic Body sometimes gets over-looked because it's not something we can physically see!! Keeping your Energetic body maintained is so very important, it will allow you to move throughout your life smoothly, with happiness & ease!! do you know if you need to Cleanse your Energy?? This blog will go over my top 6 signs that it's time to Cleanse your Energy and ways to help!! Let's get started.... #1 Constantly Tired You woke up after a full 8 hour sleep and your still tired!! You notice when people ask you "How are you doing today?" you respond with ...."I'm Tired!" Energy drinks & Coffee are the only way your making it through the da

Mineral MoonDay~Labradorite

Happy Mineral MoonDay!!! Oh my goodness sakes... the 1st time I saw you .... I just couldn't resist!! That amazing lovely FLASH... that catches your eye!! When it's angle is just right wow oh wow! Beautiful! I was attracted to Labradorite immediately! I honestly can't resist a good flash!! Just like the lovely Northern Lights, you just can't look away when you see it! Out of all my Crystals... I would say I have quite a bit of Labradorite in my collection. From my newest friend to the family the tower you see in the picture heart shaped, skull shaped, regular tumbled pieces... I just love it! I don't know about you, but I have happened to notice that for some reason Labradorite

New Moon in Pisces~March 6th, 2018

Astrological Sign: Pisces Sign Element: Water Planet: Neptune Moon Age: 29.3 Days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden Wheel of the Year: Imbolc/Ostara (March 21st) Crystal Suggestions: Bloodstone/Blue Laced Agate/Jade Happy New Moon in Pisces Dear MoonLights!! Can you believe we are already into the month of March?? I don't know about you...but time is sure flying!! I'm having fun, hope the same for you!! I've been busy getting ready for some... upcoming events that I'm super excited about!! The 1st one up is THIS weekend!! "The Magick Behind Crystals"....yep, back by popular demand....this Crystal class goes over all the basics about Crystals, why & how they work, how they he

Mercury in Retrograde...Read all about it!

Mercury in Retrograde begins March 5th-28th, 2019 ! Mercury In Retrograde... Have you heard that before??? Wondered what the heck it means??? I will cover all that and more here!!! MERCURY GOES INTO RETROGRADE: Tuesday March 5th- March 28th, 2019 This is the 1st Mercury in Retrograde for 2019... Mercury going into retrograde simply means that Mercury moves in the opposite direction to us here on Earth. Normally planets move from East to West around the Sun, but when Mercury goes retrograde it goes opposite of that, from West to East thus being in Retrograde. Some people might say it's going backwards.... what really is going on is...Mercury starts moving slower than Earth causing this retro





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