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Unique Gift Giving Ideas!!!

Happy Holidays!! Yes, it's that time again, where your frantically in search of some gift giving ideas. The biggest issue is when there are those people on your list who have everything!!! Yep, you know who I'm talking about...we all have at least one Right!? Well... no worries my Friends, I got you covered. This blog will be all about some Unique Gift Giving Ideas that will benefit even the hardest of people to shop for. The gift options I'm going to go over are all wellness based gift giving ideas. Enjoy my list, and if you have any questions.. please comment or reach out. Give the Gift of Good Health this year!! Give the Gift of Wellness This Year!! GIFT #1 CRYSTAL CHARKA BALANCING SES

Full Moon in Taurus~ Nov. 22nd, 2018

Astrological Sign: Gemini Sign Element: Air Planet: Mercury Moon Age: 13.9 Days Visibility: 99.1% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Snow/Tree/Beaver Moon Wheel of the Year: Samhain Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Full Moon!! How lucky are we to have a day to give thanks and the night to let go of the things that no longer serve our highest good!? I'm thankful for the opportunity to tap into the elements and work with the Universe and Lady Luna to remove such obstacles from my life. I'm also thankful for an amazing year, with amazing opportunities! I have had such growth this year personally, and I've been able to share my journey with you here! It brings me such great happiness and joy

Watch My Interview LIVE Today 11/13 @ Noon!!

You are invited to watch me being Interviewed LIVE Today November 13th, 2018 at 12 noon on "The Crooked Spine Show!" "The Crooked Spine Show" is a podcast on iTunes hosted by my dear Friend Anthony Ratkovic, DC. He interviews people who are sharing alternative ways to heal themselves! His goal is to "give you simple nuggets to relieve stress on your body by forming long-term habits to live a longer, healthier life." He does LIVE interviews via Facebook and then converts them over to the iTunes podcast! I feel so honored to be welcomed as a guest on his show today!! Looking forward to sharing my holistic health modalities with all of you, and hope to answer any questions you might have!! Watc

New Moon in Scorpio ~ Nov. 7th, 2018

Astrological Sign: Scropio Sign Element: Water Planet: Pluto Moon Age: 0.1 Days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden Wheel of the Year: Samhain Well Hello MoonLights and welcome to another New Moon!! This time in the sign of Scorpio !! Tis the 1st New Moon since the Wheel has turned to Samhain! Hope you all enjoyed sometime recalling past loved ones this Samhain. I know that for me, the last New Moon lead to some amazing manifesting!! Hope yours did too!! Last month you joined me in my Live Guided New Moon Ritual, one of the things I asked for was to be able to spread the word and reach more people about the services and things I offer to enhance their life and assist others! I

Magickal Crystal Wands

Most people have heard of Wands. Harry Potter had one, Gandalf the Wizard too, and many other Witches!! Cinderella's God Mother had a Wand, and so did Glenda the Good Witch. From Witches to Wizards it's something that is a must as you hone your craft. You might have thought it was all Hollywood make believe... but it's not!! Wands are something that can help assist us in amazing ways! That is what this blog is all about!! Get ready to learn more about Wands and how they can benefit your life! What is a Wand??? Wands can be made of many things. Most usually made of a long rod or stick. It can be made of different materials too...Wood, Cooper, Metals, Crystals!! Traditionally speaking, w





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