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Happy Full Moon in Virgo/Blue Moon March 1st, 2018

Sign Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Moon Age: 14.6 Days Visibility: 100% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Worm Moon,Storm Moon, Seed Moon Happy Happy Full Moon MoonLights!! Did you all survive February without a Full Moon? Lady Luna was in need of a break after all that double hard work she put out in January! But, here we are yet again with another Full Moon and the ability to rid ourselves of the things that no longer serve our highest good!! Plus.. Get ready for another month where Lady Luna works extra hard for us and allows us to release the things we don't need in our life!! We get another Blue Moon this month!! How lucky are we!? The Universe must know that this is the year

Happy Tarot Tuesday!!

Happy Tarot Tuesday!! Well Hello My Dear MoonLights!! If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I decided to do another "Tarot Tuesday!!" I wanted to be able to give back this week and show my love & gratitude for all the support I get from You!! So.. I decided to offer a free Weekly Tarot Forecast!! If you would like some insight into your week... then follow along below!! Go ahead and pick a card!! Which one will it be??? 1 2 3 ??? CLICK On The Card You Selected Below To Get Your Reading!! Enjoy!! Thank you so much for checking out your weekly Tarot Forecast!! I hope I gave you some insight on the energy for your week!! If you have additional questions that you'd like answers to... I woul

You're Invited ..."The Magick Behind Crystals" CLASS

Well hello my lovely MoonLights!! Did you know that Crystals can help us on an Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Level? Have you ever wondered how Crystals can do this?? Then keep reading!! I'm here to share with you some exciting news!! I will be offering my class called "The Magick Behind Crystals"!! Back by Popular Demand... If you missed it the 1st time around last year!!! I will be sharing this class again!! Some of the thing this class will cover: *What Crystals Are *How to Use Them *Cleaning/Charging/Programming *Sensing Crystal Energy *The Science Behind Crystals and so so much more!! Come enjoy a night out learning more about these amazing sparkly friends !! WHEN: Saturday March 10t

New Moon in Aquarius Feb. 15th, 2018/ Partial Solar Eclipse

Sign Element: Air Planet: Uranus Moon Age: 0.1 days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase Happy New Moon in Aquarius!!! Happy New Moon My Lovely MoonLights!! Well... last months Moons were full of amazing energy and power!! We had lots of amazing events last month.... and I for one am so happy I was able to share with you both My New Moon & Full Moon Rituals last month!! Thank you so very much to everyone for watching live, chatting us your questions and taking the time to make magick happen for yourself! As we all know, if we take care of ourselves and allow ourselves the time and space to become the better versions of us... we can actually help others too! It's the first day of the





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