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OceanView Mining Trip !!!

Today was a very eventful day!! I got to take my 1st Mining Trip!! My lovely side kick and Daughter Kelsey was along for the fun as well as my MoonSister Deanna!! We had a blast today and I'm excited to share our story with you!! So... as you guys know, I'm totally ga-ga over Crystals!! Yep, it's a thing... I'm Crystal-Obsessed!! One day I wondered if there was a place nearby where we could go looking for our own Crystals...and...I found it!! OceanView Mine in Pala, California. Not too far of a drive from us!! So... we planned on doing our little excursion over Turkey Day Weekend Break!! It's been on the calendar and planned for so long, and finally it was here!! We made it up the pathw

New Moon in Scorpio~November 18th, 2017

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!! Sign Element: Water Planet: Pluto Moon Age: 0.1 days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase Our Lady Luna is once again not visible to us here on Earth. It's Dark Moon Time yet again! It's the best time to set our intentions of what we would like to have in our life. Our Dreams & Wishes, the possibilities are endless!! The only thing holding us back is the time to make it happen. Take that Time on Saturday Nov. 18th to make it happen for you. Create your space and do your New Moon Ritual allowing you to plant those seeds of intention!! You can make magick happen!! So... let's dive deeper into the energy behind this months New Moon !! What to Expect Whe

Chakras...We All Have Them, What are they?

Chakras... all about it! Chakra! You know... you have heard of it right (your 3rd eye, etc.) ? I know if you follow my work you most certainly have heard me talking all about Chakra's and doing Chakra Cleansing/Balancings. But what the heck is a Chakra Exactly?? Well... I'm here to break it down just for you!! Chakra: The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as "Wheel of Light." Chakra's are located throughout your body and are your energy centers. We all know that energy surrounds us. Everything is made of energy. We are energy! Chakras are the energy centers that run along our spine and though out our body. These wheels of light correspond with different colors and each

Happy Full Moon in Taurus, Nov. 3rd, 2017

Sign Element: Earth Planet: Venus Moon Age: 13.0 Visibility: 99.1% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Snow Moon, Tree Moon, Dark Moon, Beaver Moon Happy November and Full Moon in Taurus!! WOW!! November already!? This year flew by fast, did it not? I hope everyone enjoyed a blessed Samhain! So, with our Full Moon in Taurus, it's the best time to allow ourselves space and time to release the things that no longer serve us! By doing this, it will allow space in our life for the things that we actually want to manifest!! Think about it like burning your old baggage, you don't need to carry this heavy weight around any longer!! Tonight is the night to LET IT GO!! Some of you have joined





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