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Numerology... What is it?

The Magick Behind Numerology... I have always been into Numbers!! Especially certain ones, for example... I have a thing with the number 3 and 13 or doubles or triples of that number (6, 9, 16) ! I mean... to the point when I set my alarm clock it has to end in a 3. My typical time waking in the morning for me is 6:13 am. I know... it might be strange to you, but it's a thing for me! I always enjoyed and found Numerology facinating myself. I find it to be quite interesting and insightful. I enjoy Numerology so much, that I decided to dive deeper into the subject back in July 2017. I was a busy bee taking classes for certification at the Numerology University!! I started off in Numer

New Moon in Virgo September 19th, 2017

It's New Moon Time again!!! Happy New Moon In Virgo! Sign Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Moon Age: 29.1 days Visibility: 0.2% Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase With this New Moon upon us, it's the best time to ask for the things we want to manifest into our life. I myself enjoy doing my New Moon Ritual. I have noticed how amazing it is to work with the energy of Luna and the Universe. I have been blessed over and over, time and time again... I'm abundant in my abilities and things that I dream and wish for. That is why I find it so very important to take the time to do my Moon Rituals. The things I accomplish in a single Lunar Cycle is quite impressive!! So tonight, why not put your thoughts a

Full Moon in Pisces September 6th, 2017

Happy Full Moon In Pisces! Sign Element: Water Planet: Jupiter Moon Age: 15.2 Days Visibility: 99.8% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Harvest Moon/Barley Moon Yippie... Another Moon to talk about!!! One of my favorite things to do!! You might call me a Selenophile, as I most certainly love the Moon and love talking about her and I enjoy working with Luna's energy!! I have seen time and time again the power of tapping into the elements and energies around us to manifest things into my life. Another thing to be happy about and note, is TODAY 9/5/17 Mercury goes Direct! Yep, no more retrograde...few! How did you do this past Retrograde? Did you notice anything happening during this





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