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Labor Day Sale @ Bridget's Brew Shop!!

Today is the 1st day to SAVE $$$ I joined the biggest Sale EVER over at Etsy!! Just for Labor Day weekend 8/31 thru 9/4 I will be offering 10% off your total purchase!!! NO COUPON CODE NEEDED, the discount will automatically happen at check out. This includes my 2 NEWEST Potions ... "Hocus Focus" Tune-Up Potion My "Hocus Focus" is the BEST Potion if your going back to school, or even for your job!! It will allow you to focus your mind, retain the info. you learned and keeps you determined to do your best!! Each 10 ml. roller bottle comes with a Clear Quartz Crystal Enchanted by me, just for you! "Sunny Start" Bath Potion Start your day off with my "Sunny Start"! This Bath Potion will get yo

Solar Eclipse/Raise Your Vibration

Solar Eclipse Raise Your Vibration Wow!! What a sight to have seen!! The Total Solar Eclipse aka "The Great American Eclipse" took place on 8/21/17. This was the last official Eclipse to take place in 2017. For me here in Southern California it was a partial Eclipse. My family & I geared up with my Hubbies Welding lenses, and for added protection our sunglasses and off to the backyard we went!! The Sun was so intense !! You can probably see that from the picture of us above! It was piercingly bright and the heat hitting my skin was much warmer than normal! We started our watch at 9:06 am. As we watched, I noticed the shift in energy. For me, it was a very strong and Intense energetic feelin

New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse Monday August 21st, 2017

Happy New Moon in Leo!! August 21st, 2017 Sign Element: Fire Planet: Sun Moon Age: 29.4 days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase Happy New Moon My MoonLight!! It's that time once again to enjoy a New Moon!! With our New Moon comes an amazing opportunity to allow ourself sometime to figure out what it is we want in life. It's the best time to set our intensions, plant the seeds and make our dreams and wishes a reality! This New Moon in Leo is a very exciting one, as on Monday August 21st we will also be having a Total Solar Eclipse!! I find it very fitting that Monday Nights Moon is in Leo and we are having a Solar Eclipse because as you know, or might not know... Leo is governed b

Full Moon in Aquarius August 7th, 2017

Sign Element: Air Planet: Uranus Moon Age: 14.6 Days Visibility: 100% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Corn Moon, Sturgeon Moon Partial Eclipse Happy Full Moon in Aquarius my dear Moonbeams !! Are you ready for this lovely Air sign Monday Night?? I sure am! As for me, I am excited to be having the Moon in Aquarius because that is my Moon Sign!! Being that is the case, I will be feeling the power extra tonight and I can't wait! Do you know what your Moon sign is? I'm sure you know what your "sign" is, right?? That's the one most people know. Your "sign" as they call it is actually your Sun or Star sign. That is determined by when you were born, Month/Day. My Sun Sign is Aries a

Lughnasadh Loves To You!

Happy Lughnasadh To You!! This year is speeding towards the tail end very soon!! I have had an amazing year up to this point and I hope the same for you!! Yes, I had some challenges this year within my family, as my Daughter had a flare up with her Crohn's but... I'm even grateful for that, as we were able to meet the people and do our research to get her what she needed to get her into remission fast!! Each thing we go through allows us to grow, and for that I'm thankful! As we celebrate Lughnasadh.... I think back on all I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for all the love and support I receive from my family and friends! I'm thankful for the harvest of my labor that is abundant in my herb ga





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