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New Moon in Leo July 23rd, 2017

Happy New Moon in Leo July 23rd, 2017 Sign Element: Fire Moon Age: 0.1 days Visibility: 0.0% Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase It's time for another lovely New Moon!! I enjoy the New Moon time as it's the best times to plant seeds of intention! These seeds, will grow and bloom into things we'd like to manifest. Having Luna and the Universe be there as support is a huge push in the right direction!! We of course need to put our best foot forward in making our dreams and wishes come true, but the support system of the elements, Luna and the Universe is amazing! Time and time again I have experienced all this 1st hand, thus my continued work with Luna! With this New Moon upon us yet again... it's a's super important, here's why!

Sleep is a very important thing, it effects our physical body and our well being. Not getting proper sleep will put a damper on your day! It slows you down and makes you tired during the morning and afternoon hours, which in turn makes you accomplish less. Sleep just plain makes you feel better. Have you ever been around someone who's lacking sleep? Some Signs: *Lack of Energy *Lack of Focus *Moody *Difficulty Concentrating *Memory or Thinking Problems *Disoriented Some Physical Signs: *Weight Gain (always hungry) *Getting Sick Often (weakened immune system) *Skin Issues (premature aging) *Health problems (stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart d

Full Moon in Capricorn July 8th, 2017

Sign Element: Earth Moon Age: 14.4 Days Visibility: 99.8% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Blessing Moon Happy Full Moon once again my Moon Friends!! Man oh man this year is speeding on by.. how the heck are we already in July?? The Full Moon is a wonderful time to release the things in our life that no longer serve us! I really enjoy taking time during the Full Moon to do my Ritual. I find it quite empowering and makes me feel a ton lighter to release what no longer serves me! I have in the past shared my Moon Rituals with you LIVE via Skype. I feel the need to share with you again soon. Please let me know if that is something you'd enjoy to join in o

Bridget's Brew Presents..."Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion!

Something NEW is Brewing over at Bridget's Brew!!! I have my latest Potion up and I'm bubbling over with excitement to share!! Bridget's Brew Proudly Presents... "Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion to Start Your Day!! Do you ever have a hard time getting up and moving in the morning?? Let's face it, we aren't ALL morning people! That's ok, because this Tune-Up Potion will do just the trick to get you up and rolling in the morning!! All you do is roll on your wrist "Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion first thing in the morning. Then, Take a deep breath in!! It's amazing blend of Essential Oils will help put you in a positive mind set as well as get you alert and ready to start your day right





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