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New Moon in Taurus April 26th, 2017

Wednesday April 26th, 2017 New Moon in Taurus Sign Element: Earth Moon Age: 0.4 days Visibility: 0.2% Phase: New/Maiden Phase What to expect when the New Moon is in Taurus... If you have been feeling tension lately... that is all about to change when the New Moon goes into the sign of Taurus! You will start to feel a feeling of peace and calm, a feeling of stability and security will also come over you. As the New Moon is a time for planting new seeds of intention, you might want to consider starting a new exercise routine, picking up new reading material, or something new to study. Make sure you practice generosity to others and yourself, everything you do will come back multiplied! Durin

TAROT TUESDAY... Your Weekly Tarot Reading 4/17-22, 2017

Hello There and Happy Tarot Tuesday!! I decided to do something NEW and offer you a FREE Tarot read the 3rd Tuesday of each month!! So... here is your Tarot Reading for the week of April 17th-22nd, 2017 I will give you some insight as to how your week will conjure up to be!! Here are the cards for this weeks reading... Pick one of the cards and CLICK on them, I will tell you how your week is going to play out! CLICK ON YOUR CARD BELOW: I hope you enjoyed your reading!! As always, if you'd like a more in depth reading... feel free to schedule your reading today!! I offer a wide variety all from the convince of your own home! CLICK PICTURE FOR MORE INFO!

The Importance Of Meditation

The first time I tried meditation was years ago, if I had to guess it was probably 10 years ago. I went with a friend of mine to a studio where they were doing mediation with gongs going and compete with noises that we all provided (om) . It was a very unique experience, I had never done anything quite like that before. As the experience was cool... I didn't get into serious meditation until later. Fast forward now to last year (2016). Along with getting involved with Crystals... I found that meditation would be a good way to connect with my new crystal friends never mind, it is super good for you too. I remember the 1st time I tried meditating on my own! It was May 21, 2016 and I decide

Full Moon In Libra April 10th, 2017

Monday April 10th, 2017 Full Moon In Libra Sign Element: Air Moon Age: 14.5 Days Visibility: 99.8% Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Planting Moon/Pink Moon Another Full Moon is upon us!! The Full Moon is a powerful time, when you feel the energy growing as Luna grows fuller. On April 10th, 2017... we get to witness this growth yet again! This is my last Full Moon in my 30's as I get ready to have another revolution around the sun on the 13th of April. My 30's have been amazing and I'm so excited to see what the 40's have in store!! It has been an amazing Moon cycle for me!! I was so happy to be able to share with you my New Moon Ritual on March 27th, 2017! It was a lovely LIVE

What's Your Sign?? Sun/Moon Signs Explained!

Have you ever heard of this line?? "What's Your Sign?" Most people just know what their "sign" is. The Sign most people are talking about is their Sun AKA Star Sign!! Your Sun Sign is what position the Sun was in the zodiac during your birth! It's an easy one to figure out... all you need to know is your Date of Birth (Month/Day). Just as the Sun shines brightly... The Sun Sign is the center of our sparkly personality! The Sun represents life, force and action. Think of it like it's how our light shines out for everyone to see!! That's our Sun Sign!! Our Moon Sign is somethings equally important and most people don't even know what their Moon Sign is! No Worries, I'm here to help!! The





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