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New Moon in Pisces Feb. 26th, 2017

Sunday Feb. 26th, 2017 is the New Moon in Pisces!! Sign Element: Water Moon Age: 0.3 Days Visibility: 0.1% Phase: New/Maiden Phase So what should we look forward to when the New Moon is in Pisces?? The Moon in Pisces brings about romantic feelings! On another note, it also brings heightened, intuition, and dreamy mystical moods. You will notice people will become softer, a bit more sentimental. Pay attention and you'll notice that people are willing to give kind words and compliments too! It's a great time to give yourself time to understand the hidden meanings of life, events and things. It's a good time to watch a movie, visit a museum or read a book! Tune in more to what your soul desi

I'm An Official CA (Certified Aromatherapist

It's official!! I'm a CA!!! So, what's a CA you ask?? I'm a Certified Aromatherapist !!! The art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process. My journey began a few months back. I got into essential oils and I really wanted to learn a lot more about them. As I was starting my research, I came up with the idea of using essential oils in something that I like to call "Tune-Up Potions" and decided to open an Etsy store with the name of, "Bridget's Brew." Since I had alread

Crystal Care

As I talked about in my previous post... crystals have the amazing ability to help us achieve balance in our life, over come dis-ease, and help up on a spiritual level as well! From time to time, Crystals need to be cleaned and charged again for them to continue to proper work and help you. This is a very important step!! With out doing this, you can start having your lovely crystal friend stop working altogether! I like to explain it like this to my crystal healing clients: Think of the crystal as a bucket! Just like a bucket, it can only hold so much water before it's full and doesn't do it's job properly of holding the water! Well.. Crystals are the same way!! STORY TIME Here is an exam

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has changed my life as well as my family and friends!! It's amazing to me that there are still so many people who don't know the magick that crystals possess! I for one have enjoyed working with crystals and will continue to do so for as long as I'm alive on this earth!! I have stories for days on how it's improved my life and my families.. I will share some below! Crystals have always been apart of my life! I had no idea all the magickal things they could do though!! I feel like these crystals have been there... just waiting for me to grow and develop so that I could learn to utilize them! I started working with crystals as a way to enhance my gifts and to connect to my

Full Moon In Leo/Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10, 2017

Full Moon in Leo/Snow Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 2:34 PM PST Friday Feb. 10th, 2017 Sign Element: Fire Moon Age: 14.8 Days Phase: Full/Mother Phase Season/Moon Name: Wolf Moon (January to February) This Full Moon is extra special as it has the added force of the Lunar Eclipse present. Eclipse act like a doorway into different energies and during this time it's powerful enough to transform, shift, and change the direction and flow of your life! It will be that gentle push to allow in in the right direction, and get you on the path your meant to be. Whatever comes your way will be resolved in a quick manner! With the Full Moon in Leo , it's going to get us off our feet and moving. You will notice a


So.. just like that, I have my own shop on Etsy ! I present to you.. Bridget's Brew!! I have developed some Tune-Up Potions to help you maintain your day! See... just like cars need care.... sometimes Tune-Ups or they need their batteries Recharged, We need that too! For us, a recharge would be a Chakra Balancing... (which I do offer as a service!) As for Tune-Ups, we now have Bridget's Brew Tune-Up Potions! My Tune-Up Potions are there to help you..... I thought of everything thing from Energy Boosts, Calming, Sore Muscles, Good Luck, and Courage! Each Tune-Up Potion comes with and Enchanted Crystal Chip that will enhance the Potions intent! Head on over to my NEW SHOP Bridget's Brew and pi


Welcome to my New Website... B*MoonStruck !!! Well Hello there and Welcome!! Let me tell you all about B*MoonStruck while your here, and what I have to offer you!! So I wanted to start a New website so I could share with everyone the new things I have learned. I'm so super excited to have learned all about the power within and how you can change your life. I decided to take a journey of personal self-discovery which lead me to enrolling in some courses to become a CMP (Certified Metaphysical Practitioner). Along the way I have learned how to work with Luna to manifest things into my life. I have learned to work with Crystal energy for healing. I've also learned how to balance Chakras and

Get to know me!

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by!! My name is Bridget Shoup and I'm a CMP, RM. I'm a Wife, Mommy and Solitary Eclectic Witch living in Southern California. I'm fiery Aries (Sun Sign) ...very direct and strong willed, which some people might take wrong. I'm full of energy and work hard with Luna to make my dreams and wishes come true! I'm a very giving person and super passionate about the things I do! I have the lovely guardian Crystal of Labradorite. My rising sign is Cancer and my ruling planet is the Moon! Rising Signs reveals the way you present yourself to others and how you respond to the world around you. As a rising Cancer... I enjoy structure in my life, I'm gifted in t

I've Officially Come Out... Of the "Broom Closet" That Is!

It's a true story... I'm officially OUT and it feels so good to come out of the "Broom Closet" as they call it! I've always knew I had special gifts growing up, I remember as a kid wishing I had the power to wiggle my nose like Samantha and make things happen!! Samantha was by far one of my favorite Witches I wished to be!! As I didn't have that special gift of wiggling my nose to make things happen, I knew I had other gifts instead. As a kid growing up, your told to go with the pack to keep swimming with the school of fish. In "my time" when I wasn't "going with the flow" I would imagine and dream of the day my powers would manifest themselves. Fast forward to 19 years old when I was able

Crystal Vibrations

May 20, 2016 This is the beginning of my crystal journey, how I really started learning the powers these crystal friends possess... I wanted to share how it all came about... hope you enjoy!! August 13th, 2013, I ended up having a dream! Now this dream was no normal dream... especially for me! Normally in my dreams I have no control of what's going on at all! This dream was different it was so real and vivid, a friend of mine (we will call him M) who had recently passed away a few days earlier came to me in a dream! What happened was everything got black and I was standing there, nothing around. Next thing I know, there my friend was! It was nice to see him again. I remember the dream

Too Much Fun With Tarot

Tarot is such an amazing tool!! I like to explain Tarot as guidance cards... they forecast things to come and can help enlighten us with a better understanding on a situation and give us perspective on things in our life. I began my Tarot Journey studies with MoonDaughter Mystic School on August 27th, 2016. This course ran for 12 weeks which was the most work I've done schooling wise in many many years! On my journey I got to learn so much more about myself and tapping even further into my intuition. I connected to Tarot in a way I never thought possible! Each one of the cards have become my friends... friends that help me help you! I finished my studies on December 16, 2016 and I'm offi

The Power of Lady Luna!!

I have been working with the power of Luna now since July 2016. Let me tell you the fucking power of Lady Luna!! My 1st ritual I did with her was a full moon release ritual. It was be one I will never forget as it energized me like never before! To feel the glow of Luna on me, while being outside in nature doing my rituals felts amazing. I also enjoy meditating on the New and Full Moons before diving into my rituals. I remember that first Full Moon Ritual I did (July 19th, 2016) made me feel so empowered!! I honestly felt 10 pounds lighter afterwards! I still get that feeling on each Full Moon Ritual I do! I always make sure to take my crystal friends outside during my ri





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